We Do Recover! At Eternal we believe that creativity has the power to transform lives.

We work with people in recovery from addiction, homelessness and other forms of adversity by helping them to discover creativity, a community, new skills and confidence.

The founder of Eternal, Marcus Fair is in recovery from decades of addiction. As he made his first tentative steps on the way back to a normal life in 2014, he realised that there is a huge gap to navigate. 

“Making films saved my life. Throughout all of the endless hard times I knew that if I could just get back to making films then my life and that of others could turn out to be better.”

Marcus Fair, Founder of Eternal Media.

Creativity and filmmaking bridged the gap for Marcus and 10 years on, we are proud that we have helped many people to gain the skills needed to navigate their own journey of recovery.


Current Projects

Recovery, it's an inside job!

'Recovery, it's an inside job!'

'Eternal's Filmmaker's Academy'

'Families Recover too'

'The Voyage to Recovery 2'

'Eternal in Recovery month'

'Recovery in Focus'

'Eternal Recovery Hub Podcasts'

'Future leaders'

Recovery in Action 'London Recovery walk'


Organisations That We Support And Advocate