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About Eternal Media


Whether it’s a charity or a not for profit enterprise that needs a fundraising promo, a business that wants to showcase it’s latest range or a community group that wants to engage with a wider audience, Eternal Media deliver high quality productions that our clients and the people that make them can be extremely proud of, films that we know have a positive impact with audiences and the community.

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Eternal Media Ltd is a registered social enterprise (CIC) & Eternal Community Media is a registered charity (CIO). Both act together to turn lives around through the power of filmmaking. Our charitable aim is to work with offenders, ex offenders and those who are susceptible to offending by offering support, education, and training opportunities in making films.
With every project and film commission we can help to transform the lives of the people we train and engage in creating productions. Through creating opportunities in film production we can achieve two key aims, to make people more employable and more responsible contributors to the community, and at the same time we deliver high quality, positive, unifying and socially responsible media productions that actively support the people, places and communities who commission it.

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