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Eternal Media: Passionate about Filmmaking & Positive Social Impact

'Making films saved my life. Throughout all of the endless hard times I knew that if I could just get back to making films then my life and that of others could turn out to be better.'

Marcus Fair (Founder of Eternal)

BAFTA award winning team. Providing broadcast quality productions and training, on a non-profit making basis UK wide. Social Enterprise Company Limited by Guarantee #12258904 & Eternal Community Media. Registered Charity #1165839

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Behind the Scenes

Eternal Media are a media production social enterprise and charity making high impact documentary films and content for non-profits, groups, organisations and business. We help you to tell your stories, to bring in new supporters, raise funds and profiles and to champion your cause or campaign.
Our professional, award winning producers empower and mentor volunteer film crews, people who’s own stories are developing. We give opportunities in creative film & content creation to people who are rebuilding their lives through recovery from addictions or involvement in crime. Opportunities that we believe help them to become positive contributors to society
We harness the passion and drive of people and in doing so create stunning and beautiful films that have a huge impact with audiences, moving them, talking to them and helping create a positive platform for change.


The people who help us to create our films are perhaps not the people who have often given much back to the community – they are often in recovery for addiction or have spent time in prison. Uniquely, we are using film-making, music production and photography as a way to encourage self-esteem, creativity, teamwork and the development of new practical skills, quite often for people whose chances in life may seem to have been written off.  We do this by following these core values.

  • Creativity – we believe that creativity has the power to transform people.

  • Community – we believe that by working together we can change our community for the better.

  • Optimism – we believe that people can change, everyone should be given a chance and anything is possible.

  • Energy – we believe that hard-work, determination and passion lies at the heart of what we do.

  • Inclusivity – we believe that everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs or other ideologies is welcome and included in our vision.

  • Non-Profit – we believe in social enterprise and that our leading value is to create rather than make profit

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The Bunker, Borras Road, Borras, Wrexham LL13 9TW, UK

01978 504018

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