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Your story and how you tell it, is vital currency in the digital age. Whether it’s through web content, promo films or media campaigns, everyone is looking to communicate an idea, a product, concept or message. At Eternal Media we use documentary film to engage audiences in the heart of the ideas and to bring real stories to life.

Our film making approach has the power to tell real human stories, to move people, to influence, to educate and inform. At Eternal Media we strive to engage audiences with skill, honesty and authenticity, so that we can tell your story and communicate directly with them.

Once we become involved in a film commission, we seek to find the heart of the story and the people who make an idea or organisation work. Working in close collaboration with the client and contributors we develop and nurture the story to create a clear and achievable film treatment. Through engaging interviews we encourage and nurture the development of the script with the expertise needed to create an incredible production.

Throughout the filming and editing process we strive to guide the film production in such a way as to always connect and communicate ideas with clarity and simplicity and with heart and soul. Our end goal is always to reach a high level of technical and creative quality in everything we produce.


The problem with film and media is that it’s often expensive and out of the reach of those who could most benefit from it such as local businesses, charities and community groups. At Eternal Media we hope to break those boundaries by providing a professional team who will produce high quality film content at low cost.

Eternal Media’s ambition is to create films that make a positive impact in your community at an attainable price. Our remit is to create high value, high impact projects with the aim of cost recovery rather than profit…” As a non profit organisation all donations and payments go straight towards production costs and investments in our people and our infrastructure.




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Eternal Community Media is a registered charity in England and Wales (Reg no 1165839)