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'Making films saved my life. Throughout all of the endless hard times I knew that if I could just get back to making films then my life and that of others could turn out to be better.'

Marcus Fair (Founder of Eternal)

Eternal Community Media is a registered charity No. 1165839


A new commission from SToMP Supporting Transition of Military Personnel. The series of documentary films will be presented as an inspiring and engaging journey into the lives of people who found themselves embroiled in the Judicial system and the positive impact SToMP/CJS has in their lives as well as being an informative guide for professionals working with ex-military personnel.
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Eternal Media are a media production charity making high impact documentary films and content for non-profits, groups, organisations and business. We help you to tell your stories, to bring in new supporters, raise funds and profiles and to champion your cause or campaign.

Our professional, award winning producers empower and mentor volunteer film crews, people who’s own stories are developing. We give opportunities in creative film & content creation to people who are rebuilding their lives through recovery from addictions or involvement in crime. Opportunities that we believe help them to become positive contributors to society

We harness the passion and drive of people and in doing so create stunning and beautiful films that have a huge impact with audiences, moving them, talking to them and helping create the a positive platform for change.


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Eternal Community Media is a registered charity in England and Wales (Reg no 1165839)